​We have many solutions with our
patented new direct drive technology!


Injection Moulding
Blow moulding




​Cooling Tower


Positioning conveyors


Feed Roll
Flour Mill

Learn more about how EMF Motor’s innovative solutions
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Just a few solutions with SQM Torque Motor

  • 3 Ton Steel Winder
  • Alternator
  • Assembly Line for Manufacturing
  • Ball screw drive motors 
  • Blade Bending Machine for Cartoon Forming Tool
  • Bohrwerk Machine Table Motors
  • Candy Production Line Motor
  • Carpet Manufacturing
  • Carpet Production
  • Cellular Floatation Mixing Motor
  • Chip Machine
  • Chocolate Packaging Machines
  • Chocolate Wrapping Machines
  • Cooling Tower Fan Motor
  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Slitting Lines 
  • Edge Control System for Conveyors
  • Extruder
  • Fabric laying machine
  • Flexo Printing
  • Flying Saw
  • Furnace Feeding conveyor motor
  • Gearless Lift Motor
  • Generator for Renewable Energy
  • Glassware Production Conveyor
  • Glaze Conveyor Motor
  • Glaze Mixer
  • Glaze Mixing Motor
  • High Volume Low Speed Fan
  • Indexing Table
  • Main and caterpillar motors of extruder lines
  • Medicine Bottles Filling Line
  • Metal Sheet Cut to Lenght
  • Moulding Injection
  • Paper – Carton Cutting
  • Paper Cut to Length Machine Main Motor
  • Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG)
  • Permanent Magnet Alternators (PMA)
  • Plastic Injection Intake Motor
  • Plastic Rope Winding and Travers Control
  • Portable Paint Mixer and Pump
  • Portable Table Saws
  • Positioning Systems and Conveyor Motors for Tire Production Line Machines
  • Production Line Conveyor
  • PVC Pipe Flying Saw
  • Roller Table Motor
  • Roller Wheat Milling Machine
  • Rotary Punch Machine Main and Turntable Motors
  • Rotary Shears and Eccentric Shears
  • Rotating Table
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Servo Press Brake
  • Shoe Sole Mould Machine
  • Sightseeing Boat
  • Sightseeing Boot Main Motor
  • Spring Forming and Cutting Machines
  • SQM Serving the Art
  • Stage Background Curtain Motor
  • Syrup Mixer
  • Textile Edge Cutting Motor
  • Various Conveyor Motors
  • Vertical Band Saw
  • Vertical Bandsaw, Plate Drive Motor
  • Vertical Lift Conveyor for Refrigerator Production
  • Wheat Mill
  • Winding – Unwinding Machine 
  • Wire Rope Extruder Motors
  • Wire Winding
  • Wire Winding Machine with Traverse
  • Yarn Production
  • Yarn production for Carpets