SQME Extruder Motor

Patented and most efficient
Direct Drive Solution

  • Direct drive, no gearbox 
  • no water cooling
  • high extrusion quality
  • ​high performance
  • compact design
  • integrated thrust bearing
  • high efficiency
  • high torque output
  • low power consumption
  • quiet operation
  • hollow motor shaft

SQME Extruder torque motor is the permanent magnet synchronous torque motor which is working with the patented motor principle. It is the perfect solutoion for low speed and high torque extrusion application. 


  • High extrusion quality
  • Direct drive system without gearbox
  • Very low torque ripple and stable torque also at low speeds (even at 0,1 rpm)
  • High Efficiency even at low speed
  • Precise speed control
  • No water cooling
  • High Performance
  • High product quality, no more outage
  • Energy saving, no maintanance, no production stop
  • High product quality at every speed


  • Energy saving,
  • High product quality
  • No additionally waste energy
  • Happy customer

This new patented torque motor principle brings many other advantages.

  • No more maintenance and no more typical gearbox problems
  • Very high pole servo motor offers excellent dynamic performance due to the accurate speed regulation. The result is high extrusion quality.
  • Highest torque density
  • SQME Torque Motor has Ultra Premium efficiency which helps to save high energy. The reason is simple. The motor winding has no effect on the pole number of the motor. The windings of SQME has 6 to 10 poles, where the motor has 66, 88 or 110 poles. In this way SQME has very low cupper losses and very high efficiency.

Comparison of energy cost saving and efficiency

Extruder Case
EMF Motor
Standard Torque Motor
AC Geared Motor
10.000 Nm,  112 rpm
10.200 Nm,  120 rpm
10.505 Nm,  120 rpm
P (mech, Load)
118 kW
118 kW
118 kW
P (elec)
121,65 kW
129,67 kW
136,45 kW
Energy costs in ​€
105.106 ​€
112.035 ​€
117.893 ​€
Energy costs per year
6.929 ​€
12.787 ​​€
Motor size
Forced cooling
Cooling expense
20 kW  5.760 €
7,5 kW  7.144 ​€
12.689 ​€
19.931 ​€

The above comparison chart is shown the advantage of EMF Motor’s synchronous torque motors with german patented motor technology. As EMF Motor family, we care of sustainability. 

Efficiency diagram in full range of speed and torque

SQM Torque motor
Standard Torque motor
AC Geared motor
118 kW
135 kW
​132 kW
10.000 Nm
10740 Nm
​10505 Nm