7/24 Continously Maximum Power

​for small size Wind and
Hydraulic Turbines ​iPG* Direct Drive

( *Intelligent Premium Generator )

  • ​​Highest efficiency at all
  • nominal efficiency over the full range of speed and torque
  • Very low cogging torque ( < 0,5% )
  • Very compact design

Why iPG* Alternator / Generator is so different
​than the rest of the motors in the world ?

* Intelligent Premium Alternator / Generator 

iPG ( Intelligent Premium Alternator / Generator )  works with the patented EMF Motor principle that is most suitable for high torque low speed applications. iPG Intelligent Premium Alternator / Generator works synchronously and the windings have no influence on the pole number. The high pole number is achieved by intelligent magnetic field.

High efficiency

at all operating values

Operates close to nominal efficiency
even at 20 % speed and torque. 

Continously maximum power generation !

iPG Intelligent Premium Alternator / Generator generates power
with every flow


Very low

cogging torque


Cogging torque lower than 0,5 %

Easy start

Easy and stable power control


Contact size

& High pole

For the same power output up to three frame size smaller

High controllability


  • The most efficient generator of the world !

  • High efficiency at low speed and low torque

  • 220-400 V at the same motor

  • Sensorless PM control

  • 66 – 88 – 110 poles

  • Quiet 

  • Gearless

  • No oil

  • No cooling

  • Compact size


  • generates constantly power with every flow
  • Generates electricity even at low speeds
  • Reduced Inventory cost
  • Best performance for alternator generator application
  • High controllability
  • Environmental friendly
  • No maintentance cost, no energy production stop
  • Environmental friendly
  • No additional energy cost
  • Up to 3 frame size smaller !