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SQM Torque motor

Every solution comes from a real understanding of the challenges facing designers and users.
 EMF continues to be a company made up of innovative individuals striving to design, create and build products and solutions that improve industrial demands. We design our products for durability and we test them rigorously to ensure the highest of reliabity.
Our products are the next big thing in electric motors. Our patented technology provides the ground to attract world’s most talented and motivated engineers. EMF products will benefit design engineers to innovate compact products that will respond to the increasing demand from customers.
Precise motion is our focus. SQM Torquemotor can distinctly differentiate your product, your efficiency and your operations and deliver a market place advantage by improving its performance. This means totally increased efficiency which is the expactation in every company. Perfectly deployed motion can make your product more reliable and efficient and enhance accuracy.
How is this all possible?   What is so different with SQM Torquemotor?
SQM Torquemotor works with patented motor principle that is most suitable for high torque at low speed applications. SQM works synchronously and the windings have no influence on the pole number. The high pole number is achieved by intelligent magnetic field. 
​As a result SQM Torquemotor, as a direct drive, offers great advantages in all performance criterias, such as very high energy efficiency, high dynamics, high overload capacity, quiet and practically maintenance free operation.

Our Packaging is also environmentally friendly like our motors !

Our motors are wrapped in VCI (anti-corrosion) bags in wooden boxes with ISPM-15 standard and are supported with craft paper as edge support.