Innovative Direct Drive Solutions for Glass and Ceramic

EMF Motor presents the world’s most efficient torque motor with patented PM technology wich offers perfect solutions for ceramic application.

Our patented motor technology enables us to produce gearless, high pole number (66-88-110) and very efficienct motors. It offers reliable speed control, reduced maintenance, quieter operation and high energy saving. The motor can be driven by a simple inverter and no gearbox is used.

Due to the high number of magnetic poles, high torque is achieved with reduced speed. The motor winding losses are much less than conventional high pole motors. The motor enables a high efficiency even at very low speed.


  • Direct drive, no gearbox, no cooling
  • ​Adjustable speed with full torque
  • No oil, no leakage
  • No maintenance
  • Stable operation at low speed
  • Highly reliable
  • Up to 97% motor efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact and symmetric design
  • Wide voltage range
  • Can be controlled by a simple inverter
  • Lowest operating cost
  • Highest pole number
  • Low vibration, less noise


Efficiency comparison with IEC 60034-30



Case Study for Glaze Mixers

EMF Motor has the perfect solution for the critical glaze mixer application. The EMF high efficiency torque motor generates very high torque at low speed so can be used in this application as a direct drive solution without the need for a gearbox. The motor can be controlled precisely to accurately maintain speed and torque which results a high productivity and excellent glaze quality.

In the ceramic glaze mixing business, EMF Motor has already gained experience with mixers with tank capacities of 500, 1500, 8000 kg and etc. The patented EMF Motor solution has the capability to mix up to 31 tons of material.

In summary the EMF Motor solution continuously produces very high torque at really low speed. The speed and torque is maintained accurately even in open loop configuration. The motor is extremely efficient resulting in minimal power consumption. The EMF Motor requires no gearbox, no maintenance and no additional cooling. EMF Motor works with ceramic product manufacturers to provide the most reliable and efficient production solution and enable the highest level of glaze product quality.

Glaze and engobe tank motor ​for waterfall application

SQM71-90 26Nm 100rpm
 No oil
 No product waste
 High energy saving

Furnace feed conveyor motor

SQM 71-100 28Nm 200rpm
 No maintenance
 No break-down at continuous start-stop applications

Glaze tank motor high capacity

​SQM 132-240 450 Nm
 No oil
 No product waste
 High energy saving

Glaze tank motor

SQM 132-140 280 Nm
 No oil
 No product waste
 High energy saving

Conveyor motor for waterfall application of glazes and engobes

SQM71-170 56Nm 150rpm
 No maintenance
 No break-down
 No vibration
 Improvement at product quality!  
Perfect product quality

Slip Tank ( Body Tank ) Motor

SQM132-240 450 Nm 25 rpm
 No oil
 No product waste
 High energy saving

Conveyor motor for waterfall app. of glazes and engobes 

SQM71-90 26 Nm 100 rpm
 Variable speed 
from 0 to nominal speed
 No vibration  

Floatation motor

SQM132-240 350 Nm 270 rpm
 High energy saving
 Low maintenance
 Variable speed range option

Ceramic Glaze Mixer

SQM 132-140 280 Nm
• No oil
• No product waste
• High energy saving

Glassware Production Conveyors

SQM71-170250   51 Nm   250 rpm
• Variable speed from 0 to nominal speed
• Constant torque and No vibration  ​
• Resistance to high ambiant temperatures and humidity